Can Other Lanes Get Scaling?

We get it riot,you love the botlane,both supports and adcs have hyperscaling from broken items,but can the rest of the lanes get some attention? Mid:{{item:3089}} what is this item? i do buy zhonyas but im not made of gold riot it costs way too much to be affordable in the average game. {{item:3070}} {{item:3116}} both need some changes as well. Top:building tank items feels like you're digging your own grave,dont get me wrong {{item:3076}} is a super strong item,but all of these {{item:3075}} {{item:3068}} are garbage. Now i know that someone will jump in the thread to say "WTF YOU WANT TANK ITEM BUFFS,CHO GATH JUST DEALT 5000 TRUE DAMAGE TO ME. Just remember that 1-2 champion's balance should not hold all defensive items and the champions who buy them behind.
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