@Riot When are you going to stop being so forgiving of adcs?

This has happened SO MANY TIMES. ADC abuses x and gets away with it. Oh mage is using this or assassin abusing this? Insta nerf. Oh but wait, there are so few instances that they DO that, but you better believe when it happens it gets insta nerfed. Varus mid has been a thing. Funny how the minute varus got bursted by syndra, a mage in her own territory, she gets insta nerfed. Prime example of riot favoriting adcs. I am not denying syndra didn't need to be tweaked but it isn't a coincidence that the minute adc mains complained about burst mages they get toned down. "OMFG QQ LEBLANC HURTS SO MUCH" So they turned her into a kite mage. Meanwhile draven still throws one axe and deletes everything in sight. Funny how adcs will cry about getting deleted meanwhile {{champion:29}} exists and will delete an entire team. He's been, what, number 1-5 adc for a while. "ADCs are meant to be squishy" but yet tanks are about to get punished for adcs abusing d shield? Sounds about right. Now Lucian has been mid a handful of times in pro play but now its getting more and more popular. And there is NOTHING fun or rewarding about winning against him. I was playing Taliyah, if I missed w, he auto killed me. He had essence reaver and zeal when I had roa and rylais and he still deleted me. Like what is the counterplay? Oh wait there isn't any because riot doesn't give a shit about mages, contrary to popular belief riot hasent cared about what happens mid lane for a LONG time, that is of course unless it is interfering with bot lane or jungle or even top.
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