If a Champion Scales They Need to Not be Strong/Good Early

I never understood this why are some scaling champs weak as fuck early and some just arnt? few examples {{champion:157}} Only thing holding this guy back is the boosted people who play him XD {{champion:63}} Does dumb damage at all stages of the game even if hes feeding {{champion:236}} Hes no {{champion:67}} late game but for how strong he is early and how much he scales is kinda ridiculous {{champion:75}} Never thought Id be annoyed with Nasus but unless you're playing some one like {{champion:122}} and dont kill him 3 times in five minutes he can still 1v1 you and out sustain you his earlier level are pretty trash but just doesn't feel like it takes very long for him to come online to just all in you and kill you. Please understand I'm not comparing Nasus early game to someone like {{champion:58}} or {{champion:80}} {{champion:24}} Does pretty decent in most match ups can do half your HP in a point and click trade. Now I'm not saying they are unbeatable just doesn't make sense to me that they are strong early and do well late game I'm not here to rage about anything just dont understand the point of a scaling champ if they are good early game. Again ZERO hate coming from this post
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