Every game has a major skill gap between players at the same elo and it is out of control.

This is ruining the game. There are so many people deserve to be higher elo and so many people who deserve to be much lower. Between the smurfs, bought accounts, paid boosters and people who duo with the girl they want to bang it is ridiculous. I know kills don't win games but come on. When some guy with the .5 kda overall is in the game with the guy with the 5 kda it is beyond stupid. The guy who averages 12 deaths a game and 10k damage who basically acts like a bot. Every game feels like this: 1 great player 1 good player 1 okay player 2 mentally challenged people who shouldn't be at this elo Who has the biggest impact? The two mentally challenged people. They decide the game. The worst players. Not the best. Then it is even more of a dice roll because if one of those mentally challenge people lanes against some sort of hyper carry like Vayne you just lose in the first 10 minutes as they feed 6-8 deaths in lane.
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