Ekko has gone too far

Ekko has been recieving quite a few buffs over these past few patches, though he was already fairly strong. Ekko has gotten to the point where he is viable for almost every lane. In the mid lane he can outshove a xerath player, and is a better assasin than even fizz. The stun ball he throws also has a glitched where it does not always shows the visual effect for the ability so you can get stunned for more than 2 seconds without even seeing what hit you, but do not worry. By the time those 2 seconds are up he has already killed you. He has quite good mana sustain because he can put a wave down to half with one q, and poke around from there. The roam potential is incredible, and effective! Regardless of what causes him to get ahead, and boy will he, with such a short ultimate timer he is impossible to kill even when hit by a cc train.
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