So Many Playstyles Now Impossible

Damage is so high, decade-old playstyles are impossible. Lifesteal builds, like on my old main, Xin Zhao, are impossible. The budget spent on damage, lifesteal, means you don't have the resists to prevent being one-shot yourself, and you have less damage available to one shot them. Plus, one-shotting means auto attack quantity is low, and lifesteal isn't actually occurring. On hit builds suffer in a similar fashion. Sustained damage loses to one-shot burst. Don't try wits end and muramana. Go for burstier builds. Tanks can't actually tank. The best tanks in this meta either have on-demand tank abilities, like Garen W, to accompany fulls tank build, and/or damage, like Garen, to melt people without any damage items. Other tanks with amazing CC can go full tank and hard CC enemies so that teammates can instakill a rooted enemy, (think Maokai). Other tanks without CC, damage, or kit-borne tankiness cannot build tanky and accomplish anything. Tanking is just about dead, save for select tanks. I had to abandon mains for over a year because of the damage meta. Lifesteal Xin is dead. I tried converting to lifesteal Aftershock+Ulti Jax for several seconds of 150 armor and magic resist to accompany my lifesteal in moments, but not even 150 armor and magic resist and 40+% lifesteal can keep Jax alive if an enemy is ready to spend their kit on him. On hit Kogmaw must retire. because on hit builds are dead. Make way, I will sub iniss fortune and instakill someone Iin the first 1/3 of my ult, or Q bounce execute a minion and do 55% enemy HP in damage at 8 minutes. Xin Zhao can't be played. Sub in my Hecarim charging in at 800 speed and predator 1-shotting every minute after 5 bounties. That is a potential 20+ kills a game, nearly guaranteed. This game yielded most of the decade old strategies for the now fully dependable instakill. I get S+ S+ S+ Hecarim. And that is the 1 burst champ I will play. I branch out to older mains, and I get C's, because you ruined those playstyles. If we lower damage again, I'll try multiple strategies again besides building burst every game I want to actually try hard. P. S. Made on phone in a rush. Forgive typos plz

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