This isn't the way to nerf Ahri

2/16 PBE Update
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I've been avoiding League and LoL-related content recently since I don't want to give myself a stroke, but I have to speak up about this. As an Ahri player, I will be one to admit she's strong - a little too strong, but this isn't the nerf you want to look at. What about that ridiculous movement speed buff she gets from firing off her Q? Seriously, why does she have this? As someone who has been opposed to this compensation buff since the beginning, I still don't understand why this unnecessary and random buff was tacked onto her kit other than to make her look more flashy. The Q speed does. Not. Make. Sense. What do people complain about the most when they talk about Ahri? I mostly see complaints about mobility, yet that isn't what's being addressed. Now I see that her Charm can't stop dashes anymore...yes, because how dare the player time their skillshots to hit you as you dash forward rewarding them for reacting fast enough... All the while, she's still running around the mid lane like a Kenyan senselessly throwing out random orbs to run away from ganks. _That_ is the real issue. The kiss of death mechanic was arguably the best thing that ever happened to her since it matched her theme perfectly and rewarded people for being good with her. Why not get rid of the movespeed she has for no reason, and give back the percent damage amp on her charm? DFG isn't in the game anymore, and the double amplification is gone - reward the player for hitting their skillshots and punish them for mindless spamming. Will this change be an automatic fix? Of course not, her kit would still need to be adjusted, but extraneous mobility is what Riot should be looking at first and foremost, not the utility of well-timed skillshots.

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