8-2 iron 1 really riot? hahahah

So if you do 8-2 you are an iron material? lower than bronze? so i need to go through bronze and silver and to get the gold 3 that you were getting when you were doing 8-2? oh and all the grind cause you take even with a 80% win ratio you get 22 lp and you lose 22 lp hahahaha with the old system 8-2 was meaning gold 3 and +35 and skipping divisions... Wtf is riot trying to do here? i dont get it...why they destroy the game so much it make no sense hahaha (Btw i talk about a fresh account all the examples old and new ones are for fresh accounts) At least the icon of iron 1 is better looking than the gold 1 hahahaha good job rito!

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