Nerf kleptomancy

Can we just nerf kleptomancy on ranged champions? Kennen and kayle have abused it for months. And now Sona is also using klepto.... I still think kayle was fine if Kleptomancy wasn't a thing on her and she did not need to receive that many nerfs. Kennen with kleptomancy almost wins every matchup in top lane, if not he makes the matchup 50-50. I previosuly said we should nerf Kennen and I still hold my opinion because he is too safe to be a lane bully, really a low risk high reward champion due to his range and his mobility grants by his e. But I really think Kennen is not that of a problem without Klepto. Klepto enables kennen to get his protobelt 3-5 minutes before brusiers get their trinity if they hava the same cs(while kennen is a lane bully against many bruisers it is common that kennen is ahead in csing). I think they should make klepto not drop gold bags and make iti give more gold on each proc. The RNG of klepto is wierd and in my opinion is unhealthy to the game because I have seen people with 40 gold from klepto and 300 from klepto with the same numbers of items acquired from Klepto. I remember there is one time I got 2 gold bags out of first two klepto procs and another time I got 0 gold bags out of 9 procs. I know the change to klepto change will pretty much gut Ezeral but then we can buff him.
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