Elder Dragon Unnecessary

My team is winning a completely 1 sided stomp fest! We got Rift Herald Twice, 4 dragons to their 0, 3 inhibitors down and all of oyrs are still up, and we're up about 25 - 30 kills. Instead of ending the game, our teammate is like, "Don't end, I've never got elder before, stall so we can get it." We do and they steal elder. Then they ace us. Then they take baron. They they ace us again. Fortunately we were way too far ahead for them to make a comeback, but the fact they were able to ace us twice in a row with and have us cowering under our turret from that far behind is ridiculous. They were about to ace us a third time (killed 3 of us) but had to recall to stop winions. Other 2 teammates recalled and waited on our respawn, their elder buff ran out and we won the game. BUT THERE IS ABSOLUTELY ZERO FUCKING REASON THAN 1 STOLEN DRAGON SHOULD MAKE THAT MUCH OF A FUCKING DIFFERENCE! GET RID OF ELDER ASAP! It is 100% unnecessary. Elder & baron both are honestly. Keep the elemental drakes, make rift herald permanently respawn in place of baron. After that, we can discuss an alternative to keystones (I still prefer the runes/masteries system). Then after that we can discuss changing items with certain passives to fully defensive items. Revert GA Remove offensive stats and give defensive compensation to BV and ZH. Let's make League great again.
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