Is there really no countering a ranged top? Seriously?

I love how these board claim there is "nothing that can be done vs an adc/mage top" while ignoring basic fundamentals of the game. God forbid anyone learn to play _against, and eventually learn to overcome _ something they struggle against. "Top is JUST for Tanks, Fighters, Bruisers! My Pro Guides said so! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS RITO?!" Dear god. There's a myriad of things you can do vs a ranged top as melee. Aside from general game fundamentals that are independent of the champion you play such as; -trading during your opponents cooldowns -leeching exp to keep up and play for a roam late -plain playing safe so as to slow the enemy's snowballing -last hitting under tower -basic wave freezing -Play around a minion wave and all-in for a beneficial trade or possible kill (ESPECIALLY when they try to zone as their minions will be farther away) etc you can also utilize certain Top lane champions with sustain, mid range poke, cc, etc and utiliza champion knowledge. -Malphite can poke with comet and gets a free shield every 10 seconds that scales -Garen can regenerate and come back in to leech exp and farm under tower -Aatrox Q1 and Q2 provide strong poke with an easy disengage with E and a powerful all in with W + Q3 -Darius Ghost build + pull, nuff said -Sion can typically score a kill even if he dies with the remnant I could go on Example: {{champion:85}} He's going to be annoying early game, but he's typically going to go for Doran's Blade to start meaning you can afford to rush Tabis and mitigate his early game poke right there. After that, simply buy {{item:3211}} or {{item:3155}} depending on your champion type and you've gimped his harass potential by a fair amount. These items are incredibly gold efficient for this match up and the only real requirement to making sure you get them is to play safe and get them using the above methods of basic game and champion knowledge. THE POWER. IS. YOURS! (Down vote immediately. Meaning you didn't even READ. LOL. Fucking pathetic.)

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