It hasn't even been a week without positional roles, and I already want it back.

I am a support main. I'm passable at pretty much all the other roles, except ADC. I was hardstuck bronze 2 as ADC, as all my other roles were climbing past silver 3. They remove the positional role, and of course, my VERY FIRST promo game after that, i get filled ADC, in my promos to silver 2. after that, i get support, but my adc is autofilled, so my lane is useless. i lose both my promo games. I don't mind if I'm autofilled, but for the love of all that is sacred, don't rip me out of my comfort zone and throw me into a role an entire ELO higher than I'm capable of playing. Yeah, it was grindy, but at least it kept the autofill issues in check, and didn't punish me for having trouble being the carry.
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