AP Junglers Need Help

{{champion:76}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:79}} Speaking directly about these champions. (I know Gragas can be a stretch and perhaps {{champion:131}} is a stronger mid laner now). I recognize right now {{champion:28}} is in a pretty good spot right now but I think that's more of her the nature of her kit carrying her. However the rest of these AP junglers are not in a good spot right now. First of all the average game length gold + is less than 26 minutes. Its frustrating that the average games are so short but these junglers that thrive in the early game are not meta. I play a lot of Nidalee and Elise and they feel very weak right now compared to other junglers. It feels like if you're not playing a tank or shaco + khazix you're already at a disadvantage. And perhaps at the top of the elo chain these champions can be pretty decent but in elos below diamond+ your team cannot run with the advantages you score as well as better players. At +Plat Elos: Nidalee and Elise sit at ~48% win rates Gragas at 45% Diana at 48.5% The win rates then continuously drop in Plat -> Gold -> etc.. Picking an AP jungler right now just feels bad. I see {{champion:60}} may be getting buffs next patch I believe {{champion:76}} and {{champion:79}} need buffs as well. Maybe not even buffs, but these champions need to be looked at because right now it feels awkward to pick almost every AP Jungler in the current meta.
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