Hey Riot: Krugs camp sucks

-------------------------------------------- UPDATE: 2/22/2018: RIOT HEARD ME!!!! Patch 8.4 notes: Ancient Krug no longer takes reduced damage from ranged attacks. -------------------------------------------- Been noticing that "really good" jungle players tend to avoid the Krugs camp like some kind of plague, and here's why: it takes too dang long to kill, and tends to put you behind if you take it, unless you literally have nothing better to do. So I ran a test. A level 3 Graves with XP locked, with one point in each basic ability, with no buffs, and without using smite, with only a Hunter's Machete, with Domination / Sorcery runes, against a full "first spawn" spawning of the jungle, here's how long each camp takes to kill: 1) Skuttle: 8 seconds. 2) Red: 15 seconds. 3) Raptors: 15 seconds. 4) Gromp: 15 seconds. 5) Wolves: 17 seconds. 6) Blue: 20 seconds. 7) Krugs: 35 seconds (EEEK!)
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