Honestly, how do you lane vs Irelia?...

I realize she recently got nerfed, and most ppl are saying "she's absolute garbage now", and I probably SHOULD know how to play against her. But, she's just one of those champs that I just cannot figure out how to deal with. Even picking Garen, who's supposed to stomp her, I have a hard time. I poke her as much as I can before all in.. auto (grasp), Q, spin spin, W if she stuns.. but then when she gets relatively low, and I all in.. with ignite running she just STANDS there autoing and suddenly fucktons of burst come out of her ass and basically 70-0 me, when she's already been at 25% or lower at the start of the fight. Even with my ult up I can't even get her low enough to ult, she's so tanky from nothing.. and when I try to engage she backs off and stuns. Yet still outfarms me because of her insane free-est damn wave clear in the game. I don't have problems vs most matchups top, but I just can't win this one, or even do well. Am I seriously just missing something here? Am I doing something horribly wrong? Do I need to have played her at least once before to understand? Cus I honestly, truthfully just dont get it.
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