For once again, you prove yourselves that you hate top laners

This W nerf on Tahm was probably one of the most pointless nerfs I have ever seen. You nerfed support Tahm just to force him to go top? Really? This guy even after the nerfs is still a monster top laner. I played a game against Tahm as Darius. Not only I had him as opponent but I had the enemy jungler to camp him. I was one step closer to rage quit, luckily, he was dumb enough to start roaming by getting only one double kill while I was taking the first turret and some farm. His base stats, the q spam and range and his shield are nuts. This guy is not a toplaner and he will never be, neither marksmen like Vayne before her nerfs were toplaners, for example, you tried to push diversity once in the bot lane with ap champions like Swain and Heimerdinger and it was proven wrong and now you are doing this again but on top lane because "why not"? Let's make every champion a top laner then.
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