Most of Riots New Champion Ablities

Here is an example of many of the new abilities that you know see on new champions or reworked champions. **IRELIA** Passive: Judgement Irelia's next basic attack an enemy champion makes them vulnerable for 3 seconds, increasing all damage they take by 20%. In addition, Irelia gains a shield for 50 (+ 0.25 AD) that stuns nearby champions for 1 second that target Irelia. Enemey champions who are stunned also have their healing reduced by 50% and bleed for 10 + 0.10 AD. If Irelia hits an enemy champion, all of her abilites cooldown are refunded and she gains 20% attack speed for 3 seconds, increasing to 6 seconds if she takes damage during that time. **SWAIN** Passive: Deadly Birds If Swain has not taken any damage in the last 10 seconds, he becomes immune to all forms of CC for 5 seconds upon taking any damage. Additionally, his basic attacks send deadly birds at the target location, dealing 40 bonus magic damage, and slowing targets by 15% for 2 seconds. Allied champions who hit the slowed champions grant Swain 50 decaying movement speed for 2 seconds. Swain also gets the ability to fly around for 3 seconds, taunting any enemies he touches for 2 seconds (increased to 4 seconds if he takes any damage during this time). Swain also passively regenerates all of his HP if he gets an assist. And gains 100 mana if he gets a kill. And 50 AP (+ 0.25 AP) per every champion he stuns before they die.
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