Why do Stealthed Assassins also have the fastest, most unavoidable burst windows?

Like just look at {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} and {{champion:121}}. They have stealth and also have the ability to pop out of it and kill a squishy in under a second. Sometimes in as low as .20-.30 seconds without a single skill shot that could reliably be dodge anyway. Now what is the sense in them killing that fast, when the fastest a fed {{champion:238}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} are ever going to kill is 1+ seconds. Out of all the stealth assassins only {{champion:28}} is fair, the rest need reworks, period. It is so toxic getting instakilled by something you can't even see and can't even dodge, when visible champions are taking well over a second to kill you and have dodgeable abilities. In the case of a lot of these slower none-stealth killing assassins, they fall off pretty damn hard in team fights because of how fair their combos are, {{champion:107}} on the other hand, has no problem getting a kill in one. Stealth Assassins should have the longest, counter-play filled burst windows, while these fairer assassins need a better way (packed with counter play) to get a kill in an organized "protect the carry" teamfight. That is what the assassin rework should've been, tbh.
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