Has any class update in the last 4 years even accomplished anything?

Mage Update: Abyssal sceptor build path broke lcs, Vladimir (enough said), Zyra (Enough Said), all mana/burst mages built morellonomicon, And Malzahar being the bane of everyone's existence. Juggernaut Update: Mordekaiser and Skarner being some of the most broken reworks of all time, both currently in the gutter waiting to be reworked after 3 years. Garen being complete uselessness for 3 years before seeing consistency in season 8 after overbuffing. Darius being relatively the same, and illaoi being low elo cancer until she dropped off the face of the planet. Assassin update: Complete failure, 3 reverts since then and gave us the {{item:3147}} we all know and hate, and...er...whats {{item:3814}} this thing again? Tank Update: Sejuani retained her title as Jungle Queen, and was still comepletely broken based on any slight changes. Zac became the bane of soloQ and Pro Play alike, Sej vs Zac every game. Maokai ate glue for awhile before being overbuffed directly and indirectly. Marksman Update: Supersonic Jhin, Stormrazor counter intuitiveness, killing Infinity Edge, non-crit early adc's still dominate the game Months after its failure. Anything i missed I'd be glad to have pointed out.
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