Events are BACK Baby! Also some Holiday Event Suggestions

There is no greater supporter of League events than me! I love events especially when a new map skin or game mode is involved. My favorite game modes and the ones I feel should stick around each year include Blood Moon (Maybe even a blood moon map skin for SR), Project related events, Holidays (Halloween and Christmas etc.), and of course Dark Star, Shadow Isles etc. And it looks like we are in for some cool events that are bigger and better according to Ask Riot! 2019 would be the perfect year for a big Halloween event and same for Christmas! I know you change the map for the Holidays. Maybe make SR extra spooky with more mists and creepier music! Muahaha! A perfect place to rule as Mordekaiser, or wreak havoc as Gnar, or even terrifying enemy teams as Nocturne and Warwick! More events will make League bigger and better! Now for my Holiday Skin Ideas: We've yet to have any Thanksgiving skins, and while yes Thanksgiving is an American Holiday, maybe have the designs and names of the skins be more Fall oriented. Here are some ideas: 1. Pumpkin Patch Gnar: Gnar wears a pumpkin outfit/or a scarecrow suit >:D 2. Harvest Hecarim: I was thinking of elderwood Hecarim but then I realized what if he had fall leaves and vines instead of a green foresty look? Maybe this can be a chroma as well? 3. Autumn Maokai: I mean this one is obvious! Moakai with orange red and golden yellow leaves! I would love seeing this skin created! 4. Pumpkin Patch Ziggs: throw pumpkin bombs! Yeah! 5. Harvest Fesitival Ryze: golden skin with red or orange tattoos, some leafy decor, and a roll of fall leaves instead of a scroll, bound with some brown thorns. Plus we need a new good Ryze skin! Any other fall/harvest/Autumn ideas?
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