@RiotRepertoir Can you say the same for Vayne?

So is {{champion:67}} also a "western phenomenon"? Let's look at the statistics: In Korea 31% ban rate and 52% win rate, NA 24% ban rate and 51% win rate,EUW 25% ban rate and 51% win rate So clearly you can't say the same, but what's different here is that {{champion:67}} was given such an absurd buff ON PURPOSE, {{champion:92}} got good because of Conqueror,{{item:3161}} and very easily stacked CDR, she wasn't buffed into oblivion. And something else, I haven't seen a single Rioter talk about {{champion:67}} after how many months have passed since you overbuffed her? And then {{item:3124}} got also buffed and she's literally godmode with it now. We've been complaining about her since the buff was on PBE. But yea let's keep nerfing {{champion:83}}

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