Boot Pouches - A Boot Enchantment

> Enchantment - Boot Pouches: > > Can be applied to all types of Tier 2 Boots. > 300-500 gold > > Gives your Boots the ability to act as a slot for consumables. Essentially, an idea of mine to enable space in capped-out item builds for these nifty little things: {{item:2055}} . Purchasing the pouches allows a high-gold role (or any role, if the game goes on forever) to participate in the vision game. However, the high purchase cost for merely gaining a restricted item slot is there to restrict the option towards situation were you're not as restricted with your gold as you are with item slots. For an example, think of an AP mage with Morello/Zhonya's/Void Staff/Liandry's/Luden's backing on 2k gold. With these boots, the mage would be able to purchase a Needlessly Large Rod, the Boot Pouches and a few Control Wards to enable Baron Control to finally end the game. Without the pouches, said mage could either buy his NLR or a few Control Wards. ---- Addendum: Boot Pouches are not to be confused with Sword Boots. These are for maximum dunkage, and belong to {{champion:11}} .
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