What is Riot's opinion on players saying damage is too high right now?

I keep upvoting and commenting on posts here and there about damage in the game simply being too high right now, but I've never seen a Rioter respond to these discussions. If Riot said something about the damage state of the game, what was it? Are they planning to adress this at all? The answer to this actually determines if I will keep spending time on League. This is not meant in a salty way; I just do not enjoy the current state of the game. I kept playing because I've been in love with this game for 5 years (gosh, lord knows I loved it so much) and knew they would always somewhat fix unhealthy preseason results, but, despite a LOT of drastic changes all over the place, it has remained the same (damage-wise) for over half a year now. This is the main reason I do not enjoy playing League anymore (for the first time) and I wanna know if there is some hope for players sharing this opinion. I am not trying to rant about Riot not doing their job; I just couldn't find any response to that matter. Maybe I just missed it. Help me out if possible.
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