Can we stop pretending we can actually balance Morde with his current kit without him needing Rylais

The main problem with Mordekaiser's kit is that it offers extreme damage, strong durability and absolutely bare bones utility. His kit is absolutely outdated and comes from a time where mobility was a rarity and he was able to work with being a champion with no CC. Rylais has been a staple item on him for ages, always helping him stay revenant due to the mobility creep. The only time he didn't need Rylais was when DFG was still around and he could nuke the enemy from 800 range with a quick DFG->Ult->Ignite But those days are over, he's a Juggernaut who relies on sticking to people to deal damage and be a threat. Now you may say, let's just give him ONE slow on his kit and he'll work without Rylais. WRONG. With Rylais Mordekaiser gets FOUR slows in his kit and an entire 10 second slow on his ultimate, making him able to actually stick to people and do Juggernaut things. If you give him only one Slow he'll be trash since he relies on people to stand close to him, let them get shredded by his W and get his three Q's off. Darius, the Juggernaut who works the best out of the current roster has ONE heavy slow, a ranged DISPLACEMENT and synergies really well with black cleaver, making him insanely sticky and able to stick to opponents long enough to dunk them. Compare Morde to other Juggernauts and you'll see that he lacks the things that make THEM viable. Morde relies one hundred and one percent on Rylais being there for him, it's his crutch and breaking it will completely dumpster him. Try balancing a champion with NO utility/mobility and INSANE damage without breaking him? It's really frigging difficult without making him extremely oppressive or totally useless. I'll say it again; Mordekaiser NEEDS an entire VGU in order to function without Rylais and even then he'd probably still build it as the only AP juggernaut. I know his state isn't exactly the easiest to balance and Riot did the best they could with the Juggernaut rework but it was jut too small scope. Stop trying to balance his current kit without MAJOR skill reworks. Just wanted to point that out. His current state, while not ideal is the most balanced he's been ever since the Juggernaut rework. He works decently well, has great matchups and is hella fun to play. Changes to Rylais won't mean much UNLESS it no longer becomes an item worth buying on him. If that happens Riot better not do the same mistake twice and try giving him minuscule changes. If they go with the (in my opinion really bad) idea to make Rylais a squishy MANA/CDR option Mordekaiser will need a rework And fast! Don't leave him in an unplayable state for over a year. Seriously, this whole talk about Rylais and not knowing IF it will ruin Morde sucks. I want to know details as soon as possible so I can either stop worrying or get ready to bury Morde and arrange his funeral.
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