8-2 - From Platinum 5 to Silver 1.

What the hell? I haven't been in Silver since season 3... And now all the time it will take to get over all the gold again... I understand dropping so much if I had like 3-7 but 8-2... And 1 defeat was because of an AFK and another one because of 2 trolls that decided our Shen "doesn’t deserve to win" haha. https://i.gyazo.com/f18cf86af8d825bbc73a346c1a09a56b.png 8-2 (all with Akali mid or top) Last year I finished as well in Plat 5, and with 9-1 (still all with Akali) I got placed in Platinum 2...That's quite a big difference right? It's really frustrating and demoralizing that this is happening to a lot of Plat players... I wonder if it's just to make us play with lower friends together and rise again as a team, but I tried playing with ex-silver-bronze friends and it's frustrating to see how they play and to be in a similar tier to them, it's pretty hard to carry games like that, you get a lot of silvers that were plat and a lot of silver that were silver. Will the same happen to Solo Q when that is added? Or will the drops be smaller in that one, because I somehow feel this Ranked Dynamic queue to be ranked teams without teams.
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