Why do Keystones & Runes Need Damage? PLEASE EXPLAIN FOR ALL OF US. @Meddler @Riot Balance Team

Ever since Season 7, I have not been able to comprehend why the balance team has taken the path towards adding more damage sources into the game. Nearly all of the balance problems appear to be culprit of these new "Keystones" and Runes. I usually make suggestions, but this time I'm looking for an answer. I know I'm never going to get an answer from ASK Riot because there are many questions asked, so I will post here and hopefully you can give some insight somewhere, whether here or elsewhere. Here in this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY67yCaGdno Joe stated that the new purpose was to "concentrate the power down into a more focused set of stats", why does damage have to be included into these choices? Isn't there a way to do a better job without adding damage to everything? Previously damage was added only from the old runes with some exceptions being able to increase your damage slightly in the offense tree. Now, not only did you "compensate" champions for the lack of runes by adjusting their stats, you added AP & AD scaling Keystones, along with runes that deal damage, and then you added the stat runes back into the game. At what point does enough damage become enough? What are you guys at Riot Games actually trying to accomplish? Please give some feedback so we can understand. Thank you. **EDIT: Sorry for calling "New001" Joe, Meddler. Surprised no one corrected that. lol**
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