Rylai used to be a niche item

For bruisers like rumble/Vladimir/Elise For champions that didn't have cc like mordekaiser For Mages that needed to survive against {{champion:19}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:54}} and other bruisers For supports/mages that wanted to bring more utility/kiting power if their spells {{champion:143}} it was not built on {{champion:1}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:268}} Azir never built it the champion spotlight, watch every lcs games of 2015 he never built it, he also needed cooldown reduction but that's an other story. Karthus needed tons of AP and mana to convert it into AP with arch. staff, rylai passive also sucked as hell with his kit until riot changed it. syndra/xerath/annie/viktor, all of those champs already had utility but have now even more utility while now they don't even need to build damage anymore since they can one-shoting easy targets thanks to the free 100 AP ({{champion:134}} {{champion:1}} ) Riot olafed every other mage items, luden echo has a shit cost efficiency, no way to not build rylai now V4.13: Ability power increased to 100 from 80. Health reduced to 400 from 500. revert this shit immediatly, return rylai to what it was: a bruiser item.
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