Just had another new player in my ranked game who just hit level 30, biased matchmaking

I understand that these people need to be placed if they play ranked but why is it in my silver 2 match? She was my support me being jinx and her morgana vs a caitlyn and sona and she didn't know how her abilities worked. She wouldn't black sheild sona's poke and she thought she could use her black shield to block caitlyns ult so she wouldnt stand in front of me and even started walking away when I chased her down like it was gonna actually 1 shot her 3/4 health bar. When we were getting ganked after I sealed the way into the lane with traps she didn't even attempt to throw her stun on the small space ahri was coming through and I got charmed and sona ulted and we both died. After I saw that I asked if she was new and she said she was. Our jungle and mid ganked our lane like 3 times but she wouldn't even help and wouldn't even realize what was actually going on and our people who were actually doing good kept dieing and lost their lead trying to help us when their jungler was present in our lane. Our team had to explain to her what morgana's black shield actually did. None of us were toxic to her because we understand the shitty matchmaking and it's not her fault, but this was such a biased game. After the game the enemy Sona said gj to her team and said she had one her promos. What a coincidence. Ranked promos feel extremely bias. You are either pushed to win or you are pushed to lose. Never really a good match. I wonder if it was her second promos attempt and so the bias was in her favor. What a coincidence. The match rank wise was bias. Everyone on their team was Silver 3 to silver 2 with a gold 4 player and we were 4 silvers between 3-2 and and unranked level 30 players. Even if there is chance that a level 30 unranked is a smurf, its not like the matchmaking system knows that and purposefully put her on our team just to screw us over and let sona win promos. Such a waste of time.
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