100 to 0 under tower at lvl 1, in 2 Seconds

It feels like i cant play the game, I'm dying so fast without any time to react. The game has not even started and I'm already killed under my own tower {{sticker:sg-janna}} [normal speed clip](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o56EkgNJBc&feature=youtu.be) [0.25 speed](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOV_tWDcyCE&feature=youtu.be) edit: more like 85-0 **Disclaimer:** **I never said I played it perfectly**, i could have done many things differently. but, My problem is not _"What could I do?"_ My problem is with time I had to react Let me remind you **THIS IS FOUR TIMES SLOWER** **and to anyone who wonders about my mistakes;** 1. he had lane advantage, because his jun and top passed through mid 2. I took ghost, Because I thought I was against Malzahar 3. I didn't use flash, Because until I realized I was in danger I knew I was dead 4. I didn't respect him, because I thought that If he didn't proc passive he cant kill me

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