Riot has intentionally forced Ranked to be decided by their matchmaking system

RANT POST - SORRY IM SUPER SALTY AND CAN NO LONGER TAKE THIS DISCLAIMER - I AM NOT PRO AND I DO MESS UP. However, I want an explanation for the people I have been matched with. For a quick summary of my season 7 SoloQ rank - placed in Silver III and it took 225 games to get back to Gold. So an extreme grind. I have made it to promos to Gold 4 but I lost them, and once I lost them I went from neutral LP for wins/losses to 16 per win and 22 per loss. Mind you I have not been on a super loss streak, it has honestly been very back and forth but more on the losing side. I usually duo with my significant other Poptart, we have duoed since I started many seasons ago (in 3). Now to further explain my point as to why Riot is intentionally trying to prevent climbing and duo-ing for that matter. It seems that the people that are on my team are living in the deepest depths of some form of intoxication. Now mind you, I'm no challenger pro. But I should not have to try so damn hard to carry 3 other people. Now I am done duo-ing, which sucks. I want to play this game with someone I trust. But to prove my point, I will give you the scenarios of the people in my games: 1. Wukong mid. Feeds Varus mid. Renekton top sitting a 3k ping (no joke). Hecarim jungle walks to gank and could either jump to Soraka or Twitch with no flashes. Chases Twitch and doesn't even jump. Got confused when we told him to use E to catch people. 2. Next game, Katarina runs into jungle over and over until the jungler is fed. Shaco jung leaves infernal drake to grab enemy minion camps, giving 3 enemies a free infernal. WE STILL WON, BECAUSE MY DUO AND I PLAYED KOG AND LULU WITH A COMPETENT NASUS AND WE CARRIED. 3. This is my favorite. Xin jungle doesn't finish Tri force until 35 minutes in game. Panth decent. Ahri has no recollection of language, almost as if the guy is having a stroke while playing the game. Got confused when team asked him to come bot, but he went mid, insisting it was bot. Kept calling Kog'Maw a "red god" because if he stayed alive past Ziggs he would practically kill everyone. Other than that, the Xin and Ahri spoke no language that was understandable, I remember directly was: "me bot dragon team minion" or some gibberish of the sort. From Ahri. While we were killing nexus towers, the guy tries to go take red, and incidentally dies in a jungle by himself. 4. Quinn states in chat that he would not be grouping all game, and instead just flew around the entire map until he ran into the enemy Ahri and subsequently died. their Jinx was afk for 15 minutes but team wouldn't group to win. Vi didn't understand how ult worked, and would hold it only to last hit champs. TF got mad when his blue card wouldn't stun. 5. Get into lobby. Guy said he was put in low priority queue so he was just gonna AFK in game and was turning off chat. 6. Go into lobby. Guy offers to play Lulu but admits he has never played him but I was picking Kog now while my duo quits playing but he wanted to support me anyways. 7. Naut ints and dies 13 times. Refused to quit pulling the first thing he sees. IDK what is wrong with this matchmaking at this point, but getting....organisms of this sort every damn game (these are all from today and last night) is just indicative of a system. It is as if the super shit promo matchmaking accidentally got turned on for the whole queue, so people in promos are actually getting decent teams. Riot needs to address MMR system, because it does feel random. At 1 LP I got an exclamation point over my rank telling me to win more games because I was currently shielded from demotion but would not be soon. WELL RIOT I'M TRYING, WHAT ABOUT YOU? If they don't want you to duo, then my god just say so. Make is purely SoloQ, but don't make matchmaking so freaking one sided. I am more than a number. I am more than a random set of variables, and so are people. We need more active participation in making sure matchmaking is creating quality games, not.................whatever I have experienced today. Stop trying so damn hard to demote people. If you playing as well as you can, then I don't see why this system is punishing me for trying to improve. P.S. Downvote me if you want, but I just needed to vent. Thanks for taking it.
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