"We thought Xin needed some love"

I was like "seriusly"? Champs that need love: {{champion:266}} (He is a champ I love playing, but he is so weak and easy to exploit that it is frustrating, even if his abilities are good and ok, his base HP and HP scaling suck, for a champ that consumes his own life to use his abilities, a champ whom gets punished for building tanky and which depends on his passive to avoid dying). {{champion:84}} (I almost never see her anymore, I just wonder why? oh yeah, you nerfed her veil to the ground, nvm, she deserved it... did she?) {{champion:69}} (Since you nerfed her DPS abilities to buff her E, her play pattern is so risky that I'd prefer to play a midlaner ADC than Cass, seriusly, you are just like another ADC who has to land AA's to kill, in this case she consumes mana and is squishy with no scapes, is like a bad version of Urgot). {{champion:3}} (Got his core item nerfed, takes a lot of risks and is melee, so yeah, I know why he is not that much played, also you almost never put him on rotation). {{champion:420}} (sorry but her game pattern is so weird right now) {{champion:30}} (There is a reason he hasn't been played that much now... oh yeah, super mana hungry champ with no resistance capacity at all and which runs a lots of risks, I'd better use {{champion:50}} , at least I know the enemy team won't pick Soraka to render my ult useless.) {{champion:89}} (when are we finally allow her to be a laner?) {{champion:20}} (Just let me forget the fact that only 2 of his abilities are actually worth against champs, which is WEIRD, I am the only person I know in this game who plays NUNU, and I am the only person in this game who has the balls to actually go an land AA's on the enemies with NUNU, why? because my build is weird? why? because NUNU is so freaking weird, he needs a VU, his W sucks (on him at least), his Q only serves against monsters and then hets this playstyle where all he does is just poke E and pray to the gods of the noobs he is able to land a good ult, because honestly, his ult sucks, even if it deals a lot of damage, you need good magic pen and an enemy team with no cc to land it properly). {{champion:13}} (You Riot GUTTED your blue skin smurf pet, like REAL HARD, his early sucks, his midgame sucks, his late sucks, the only way he goes good is by snowballing hard! ah.. he also has a pathetic range) {{champion:27}} (I haven't seen this guy anymore in the current meta, mainly because the item that made him viable {{item:3075}} got nerfed hard, and yes, it is crazy that I say that this item made him viable, but guess what? Almost every singed in the game built it, because there is nothing better than having the enemy AD's hitting themselves while they try to catch you.) {{champion:14}} (Just today I saw a Darius beat the undead crap out of this guy, and literally Sion could hardly do anything against him, his Q is just o easy to dodge and SO TELEGRAPHED, the delay before his passive is actually active makes it really easy to run from and his shield should at least deal a little bit more damage). {{champion:15}} (she is actually getting some Love now, can we do something about her ult being an absurd verison of {{item:3069}} /{{item:3800}} and allow her to at least JUMP or something, while still adding that MS boost? you know, Xena Style! (yeah, Sivir is just a copy of Xena, but she doesn't currently feel like Xena at all.) {{champion:115}} (you seriusly nerfed this dude a lot!) {{champion:83}} (when is he going to be reworked?) {{champion:76}} (You made her a jungler, now she doesn't work as a supp, or as a midlaner, or as a toplaner, actually, she isn't even that good at jungling, her tramps SUCK, and she is useless unless she lands a Q, and it is not quite easy)
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