Riot can you stop what you're doing and rebalance the junglers? This is an absolute mess.

I don't think I've ever seen a season with such a poorly balanced jungle. Even back in the cinderhulk meta there were more viable junglers than this. Basically the current state of the jungle is that there are about 6 viable junglers. If you don't pick one of these junglers {{champion:120}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:102}} and the enemy does, good luck ever catching up, you will never have the pressure or clears that they have. Champions that scale or are better suited for lategame/teamfighting just don't have a chance. Games are quicker, objectives are too important, and basically whoever camps the enemy bot lane more wins. To make matters worse, the recent nerf to smite's heal just made the jungle even more polarized. I tried to clear with Sejuani, who I could easily achieve a full clear with before this season, and I was nearly executed after 4 camps including the one I was leashed at. You've got <46% winrate champions who's success hinged on items/masteries that are either no longer in the game or have been nerfed to trash tier. It's almost entirely a numbers issue. Gragas, Udyr, Master Yi, and more were nerfed hard forever ago when the new jungle would have balanced them out. Revert the nerfs or give them something new. Same goes with nearly every other champion that belongs in the jungle but can't carve out a niche to be viable this season. tl;dr New jungle is a numbers based balancing issue. Dedicate one patch to readjusting junglers' numbers if you are deadset on these polarizing jungle changes that punish non-meta junglers. There shouldn't be a 2 level discrepency between junglers simply because the new jungle makes 1-2 or more camps take twice as long for certain champions {{champion:9}} {{item:3070}} . EDIT: Okay a lot of people are failing to read anything beyond the mention of clears. Clearing issues are only a small part of the big picture. When you take into account clear speed/health, item changes, mastery changes, champion changes, and jungle changes, that's how you get the balancing nightmare that is the season 7 jungle. All of these issues are important to look at. If the masteries and items are going to stay the same, the suffering champion needs compensatory buffs. I realize there are a few more popular junglers than the ones I mentioned but my point is that there are a handful of junglers who are performing very well while more than 70% of the champion pool for junglers are below 50% winrate and you've got about half the champion pool performing horribly poorly.
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