Ardent Censer, Shields, and Support variety. thoughts of a support player

As someone who plays a lot of both passive shield supports, as well as more aggressive poke supports, I can see a big problem with the support role right now. Its not that the support role is to strong, on the contrary, some supports are finally in a spot to have meaningful impact in all stages of the game instead of being a bot lane baby sitter early and a warm body later. The problem is that shield supports are both very slightly overturned and cookie cutter, while aggressive poke supports are simply outclassed and tank supports are not strong enough even in a "tank meta" And example from one of my recent games is the coin Sona i played against a spell-thief Lulu. I was ahead 500g at 10 mins and over 1100g at 20 mins, while managing to turn that gold lead into more damage done because of the AP boost on Ardent Censer. Currently every support is most optimal when the start coin, upgrade at 500g, then rush Ardent Censer over sightstone. This is causing the problem of a few champs (janna, lulu, sona, soraka) being banned in most games, and an extremely stale and predictable bot lane. I have a list of item changes that i think will keep supports as a strong member of the team, while balancing out the role to make room for more variety in both champions and playstyles. these are strictly item changes as i dont want to touch on champ specific issues, and most of them are probably smaller than the "OMG OP RITO NERF NOW" ideas that get thrown around, because they would all add together to produce a meaningful shift without the crazy swing we sometimes see. Starting small {{item:3301}} Needs a slight nerf, cut gold generation by 10-20% and mana generation by 30% across all levels of the item. {{item:3303}} Leave the base stats alone, increase the rate at which it builds charges, and increase the AP scaling as the item builds {{item:3302}} Increase the rate at which it builds charges The increased charge rate would also be slight, just enough to move them in line with coins reduced gold. Next lets talk about the big two. {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} I want to change the stacking of these two items, but to do that I need to make the biggest changes here. We will start with AC {{item:3504}} Give this item Redemption's build path, and base stats, removing the passive move speed. Next we would change it so that redemption active no longer triggers AC passive. this would leave AC as a great item for shield/heal supports that can give out the passive to multiple people (or one person a number of times) like janna, sona, soraka, Karma. While removing the AC/Redemption combo we see almost every game {{item:3107}} Give this item AC's build path, and base stats, adding the passive move speed. Again the active on this item would no longer trigger AC passive, and tone down the 3x's as effective, to 2x's as effective. This would create an AP item that offers move speed as well as an AOE heal that is useful for the more AP focused poke supports to get if they need more utility and the bonus heals and shields would still work on morg, lulu, lux and other aggressive supports that do have a shield to help with. Before we move on i would like to propose my first of two new items, this one being a tank support version of the two items above. Something geared towards front line low damage tanks that buffs shields and heals for those that have natural shields or heals like naut or alistar. I dont play tank supports much so i am open to suggestions. Next comes the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. {{item:3190}} Something needs to be done to leave it as a strong item, but reduce its obnoxious synergy with {{item:3193}} and certain abilities. I had an idea for it but now that im here i dont think its as good anymore. And lastly A new "shield buster" item. Open to the build path or stats on this, but the active would be "Deals X + Y% bonus armor true damage to all shields in a Z radius, and prevents further shields or heals from being applied to affected targets for 2 seconds. 90 second cooldown." This gives it a great active, with a 2 second window to turn the fight while still giving it the same outplay potential that the shields/heals themselves have by trying to bait them out and hold them to the perfect time. You are all free to agree or disagree with one or everything that I have suggested, but please keep the criticism constructive.
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