Why should emotes be free?

Everyone's talking about emotes costing money, and while I agree on the weird pricing for them, I don't understand why people think they should be free. Why? Why should emotes be free? "Because Riot should give back to the community." That's not a reason, that's you wanting free stuff. Use comparisons, use similar games that have truly free emotes. Because at the moment, emotes follow the same principle as skins. They are not nessecary to play the game and they're meant to let you express yourself in-game. Runes, which will be free, are integral to the game when it comes to their power. Champions, which are free (In the sense of IP), you need them to play the game. So why should emotes be free? You can argue well the price of them, but saying they should be free (In the sense of IP), makes no sense unless you actually give some examples and connections to why.
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