Lamentations of a 1 Million Mastery Shen main.

League used to be the go to game for me and my friends across the globe. I started playing since around the day Irelia got released, didn't really like much of the roster back then until I gave Shen a shot, been maining him ever since. I've seen all the Meta's until present day and while surely there was frustration in the past. Theres no way for me to deal with the frustrations of the present. League of Legends surely is one of the best optimised games out there and (somewhat) playable even with a bad connection, so me and my friends stuck around. But I feel I can say the game got worse over the years, I feel myself becoming more and more toxic (both in game and on the forums) and its all starting to feel like a wasted effort. Spectate a couple of games and pay attention to gold difference, how quickly a huge disparity will form between the two opposing teams. There is only so much you can compensate with skill. You aren't going to make a significant kind of comeback unless the enemy team makes a huge blunder. Once the enemy team has a lead you might aswell flash a sign with "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." after you respawn. I've tried to grit my teeth and keep going, but I've reached the end of my willpower. I really enjoy playing Shen, thinking about builds and tactics, I used to post a little bit on him on the forums too (not all of it good). But I give up, League is no longer a game I can enjoy, even bashing it feels as pointless as playing it. I've had good times and fun memories. Best of luck to everyone who actually still enjoys playing it.

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