Can we remove devourer from the game and then actually fix champs that rely on it to function?

I feel like the ONLY reason why champs like xin shyvana and yi (heavily auto attack reliant melee champions) are viable is because this item exists. Hence why you NEVER see them top lane. Thing is, i liked to play these champions top lane, but i can't do it. No matter what you build top lane, these champions just kind of suck. They simply don't bring the damage that they do with a sated devourer. I feel like the reason why these champions don't do anything without sated is because they are balanced around sated, and in short, that fucking sucks. I can't viably play the champions i want to in lane because they REQUIRE a jungle item in order to be effective. You want to kill an adc as top xin? Why the fuck bother? Just play malph and do the EXACT same thing xin does (dive the enemy adc) while being 10x tankier and having more disruptive cc, all without having to build a SINGLE DAMAGE ITEM. I just can't fathom how people can complain about champs like xin/yi/shyvana managing to do their job because sated exists and crying for sated nerfs, meanwhile MUCH. MUCH more potent champions are running rampant without the need to farm the jungle for 10 minutes straight and without the need to build ANY damage items. KT Rolster's maokai 1v1'd faker's ezreal 37 minutes into a game, and the maokai started off with half hp... And then i see poppy/ekko running RAMPANT in the lck literally SO TANKY they dont give a single fuck, fly into the enemy adc, take out 80-100% of their hp and yet i go on the forums and its all 'yi is op' and 'xin is a dumb fucking champion' and 'shyvana is the top performing jungler'. IS SHE REALLY? How many god damn shyvana's do you see? I have literally not seen ONE shyvana since the nerf to titanic/shyv q/devourer stacks off rift herald. NOT ONE. And i certainly NEVER saw a shyvana in the lck. So you know what, I'm pissed. I'm pissed that a handful of bruisers get to be gamebreaking op and the rest literally do nothing in comparison. Trundle/poppy/maokai/malphite/ekko/graves/rammus are actually stupid broken, and yet i never see ANYTHING about them in the patch notes. Meanwhile auto reliant bruiser's suck because they've become dependent on devourer. Sorry for the rant but i'm so pissed at the state of the game.
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