I Hate Vayne Top

Literally Vayne is the worst thing any melee top laner can ever face, she can outrange which I understand but if she takes press the attack three autos level 1 is a huge chunk of damage. Even if you sacrifice the cs and play safe she will still outscale you, the lane pretty much comes down to your jungler ganking and if they jungler does not gank Vayne top she just becomes a monster. I think its kind of ridiculous that teams can get away with running two adcs and no engage and still win a game all because they can punish the top laner early and make him useless. The only time I've ever beaten Vayne top is because she was not smart and could not kite and never used condemn. If Vayne has experience and knows what she is doing you should never be able to kill her unless you and your jungler match her flash early. I just wish there were some way we could fix this like some type of perma ban system for anyone who plays Vayne top or maybe the lose LP even if its a normal game.(This is a joke to help deal with my tilt) But honestly I just feel this champ is very unfair top lane.
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