Assassin: Do you feel outplayed?

Assassins are supposed to be about outplaying their opponents and catching them off guard ultimately killing their target. However in LOL it never feels that way. Assassins just seem to come at you and do so much damage you just die. Their outplay potential is supposed to be tied to creative uses of their mobility but often its just used to come at you head on or run away. And in the case of zed and leblanc they do both at the same time. People say that assassins fall off but I disagree. The longer the game goes on the more valuable picking off a person is and who is better at doing that than assassins. Now I'm not saying lets nerf the class across the board or anything like that. But I think its time to think about what is fair for an assassin and their target. Sion for example is loaded with cc but theres tons of counterplay to that. Assassins are load with damage and mobility and unfortunately the counterplay seems to be don't be near them or be tanky enough to survive. Thoughts?
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