Can we Talk about Ranked

1st Right now ranked feels like a choir. It is just like your babysitting people who are so rude and mean. Like literally 10 - 20 percent of the people in my game literally swear at you, ping you or just give up, and sometimes even just completely int. In my opinion there is no punishment for bad behavior, and it just feels like the game is already over for like 50% of the people. I play my best and I try not to judge personally but sometimes people are just so rude to new players or players who just aren't doing that well, and you can see that, but the people who play are just mean. the last player I recently played with gave up 10 mins in, in a 40 min game like how is that acceptable, and to be honest I feel like Rito does nothing. Like in my opinion if literally the whole team reports them not in a group of course then they should just go or even if they get even 1-3 just an instant day chat ban. like honestly who wants to listen to someone who doesn't have there way just spam and get mad at everyone. All am saying is it feels more like a vent then a game. Like I get trash talk but just straight up attacking a player repeatedly is just rude and mean. 2nd {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:82}} Rito pls stop buffing people 3 times in a row its just dumb and makes some champs like Aatrox, Khaz, Kai'sa, a real pain to play against. I get there is skill in playing against other champs but when a champ has 2000 thing attached to his 1 ability its gets pretty impossible. So pls nerf these champs. Also a cool tip when you play a champ and they get a buff/nerf they should have a little arrow that goes down or up or neutral just to show if your champ you main got nerfed or buffed recently. BTW some of these champs are to easy for the amount of dmg they dish out. {{champion:145}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:145}} not pointing fingers but her q needs to be flash able same with Khaz q, and Aatrox passive. 3rd Can we talk about warding for a sec. Warding is not really fun for a support rn it feels like you can only get 1-2 wards with a scanner{{item:3364}} which is fine, but I think the cooldown needs to go down or its needs to be longer. Just something so sups can actually ward properly as 1 player. next I know this might seem weird but can sup ward have a buff like more hp or more range like view or maybe a buff of some kind like if a player step on it every min they get a shield or slight speed boost or something like that. I could also give the enemy a passive light vision after destroying but only for supports. 4th Ik this is long but we need to talk about base pings there bland. Like seriously a question mark like what. It literally tells people im toxic. Can we not have a better enemy missing like a person and then a question mark above. Or even simpler a E and a M (**EM**). next the basic ping can than it be white so its not annoying, or more translucent for better visuals. That's honestly for most of the pings. Next this is an important one add a place **ward here ping** idk why this inst a think but it needs to be. Also a don't go in ping so that one person doesn't 1v5. This doesn't include the danger or be-careful ping I mean a ping like X or no literally NO NO NO. 5th This is just a cool idea but it would be fun to see a flask that can pick up plants like the blast cone, fruit, or vision. I think you could do something fun and cool with this. XD i'm done{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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