All the guides of getting out of bronze is WRONG! They don't understand the real problem

the real reason of people stuck in bronze (I'm stuck as well, but I know what's the real problem) is not about warding, split pushing, objectives. A lot of us know we have to do it, but the real question is how and when. Like when's a good time to split push, recall., teleport. And I think our personal skill is actually more important than macro in bronze. There are a bunch of good players in bronze, which aren't too high skilled but know how to contribute to the team and still looses all the time. THE REAL QUESTION IS WHERE CAN I FIND THE INFOs TO LEARN THOSE KNOWLEDGE. I try YouTube, streamer, it doesn't work, they are too advanced, they don't explain the basics anymore. I need something more fundamental. Do I have to play with a friend with high elo so I can learn more?

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