I like how kha zix gets buffed and wukong nerfed.

Wukong was nerfed because "one shot from invisibility with no counterplay". Remind me again what does kha do ? Also theres no wukong players in high elo, whereas kha zix has and he was already a good champ before that. And he has tools to escape after one shot, where wukong most of the time cant. If you say wukong has aoe, yeah but you wont die unless he uses EQ on you too. Same thing with rengar/kayn/talon, they all do a better job than wukong and yet they get buffed in the same patch wukong got back to back nerfs. Then, when wukong mains say we want a rework to make him more skilled, riot says china doesn't so fuck you. Ok, lemme wait another 4 years for wukong to be in the patch notes.
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