Champions that I think need their gameplay satisfaction improved

NOTE: I'm not suggesting direct buffs, but some sort of changes that are neither a full on buff or a nerf but more aimed to improve their satisfactory gameplay. Also I will be skipping some Champions due to the possibility of them having a high probability of getting a rework in the future (Example: Nocturne). >*** {{champion:96}} His E, Q feel pretty dull in comparison to his W. > {{champion:429}} Her W could be something better to improve her current state. > {{champion:35}} His abilities don't really suggest a proper playstyle, since they are all around the place (Passive suggesting Crit, Q suggesting Crit because of the possibility to proc Passive, W suggesting AP, E suggesting AD or AP, and R suggesting AP). > {{champion:102}} She's no longer really being played as this On-Hit Fighter anymore, but rather as this off-meta AP One Shot Dragon (which suggests that she's not even making proper use of her Q and W). > {{champion:48}} Most of his abilities are power restricted to one area where he casts them, outside of this area he becomes very limited in what he can do other than Chomp someone and R. > {{champion:110}} He has a similar issue as Shaco, but in his particular case most of his damage is either reduced, delayed or not linear making his damage output rather unpredictable, pretty low and in most cases just plainly unreliable due to complex scaling across the kit, and his main damage mechanic. He is only playable if he can manage to stay out of enemies reach which is something that can easily be said for almost the rest of the markman usually but this is a more serious issue for Varus in particular as he has almost no absolute mobility or ways of kiting like most Marksman (mobile or immobile). He also has a similar issue as Trundle where his abilities (E and R) are too restricted to one area where he casts them, outside of this area he becomes very limited in what he can do. Examples of Immobile Champions with ways of kiting/escaping: * {{champion:22}} Passive/W * {{champion:202}} Crit Chance bonus scalling Movement Speed on Passive A lot of what he offers, or has simply exists on other champions and a lot of the time he's always a riskier choice than someone like Kai'Sa, Ashe, Jhin, and Kog'Maw because each of them offer almost everything he has and are a lot more efficient and satisfying all around. >*** ## I'm not sure if all of the things that I stated can be improved in satisfaction without direct buffs, so I wanted to make a post about it to get some thoughts from all of you.

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