I cannot deal with this jungle pressure.

Literally cannot. It isn't even the jungle pressure but the stupid, braindead teammates who come along with it who will flame the ever loving shit out of you for going negative KDA when your lane is being camped. I am educated on wave management. I know ho to freeze the wave, hold it near my turret, and play safe. But yet, every time I freeze the wave all I see are the opponent junglers coming to turret dive me instead of my jungler coming to gank. Playing safe means giving up CS and turret plating in this day and age, while letting the opponent get further ahead uncontested. Last match for example, I play as Katarina while the opponent Ekko jungle just sat in my lane constantly pushing for turret plates with his laner. I ended the match on a 0/5 with little help from my jungler. My opponents snowballed to hell and back with the turret plates and the CS I was denied due to Ekko's lane presence while my team continued to flame me even though my jungler kept afk farming instead of actually helping counter jungle.' It is literally impossible to lane without giving up plates or CS these days when you're being pressured by the opponent jungle.
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