PSA for supports. (even for you people who bring mages botlane and call yourself a support)

You are in fact obligated to build a Sightstone and the excuse of "you have wards, use them" is not acceptable for you not spending 800 gold to get a Sightstone to help provide vision for the team. I know you WANT TO DO THE DAMAGES but when you select Support as one of your roles or happen to get it as Fill then deal with it and play the role the way it's meant to be played. If you want to go full AP then take your ass midlane, toplane, or jungle if you can do it. The fact that you are so stubborn as you can't sacrifice a measly 25 AP to build the other AP support item that you combine Frostfang+Sightstone is absolutely inexcusable. You still get the extra damage on spells/autos and you still get 10% CD. I also don't care if your duo buddy who is ADC doesn't care if you don't get sightstone because you can bet your ass that the other 3 players DO CARE about having a lack of vision because you really needed that Deathcap! I'm talking to you {{champion:63}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}}
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