Data Report #1: Analyzing Janna

[]( We’ve all heard it: Janna is a broken champ that is abused by gods, yet flies consistently under the radar all the time. Yet, how strong is she really?[/img] _All data is taken from Lolytics_ Lane: Support Winrate: 55.8% Pickrate: 23.1% Banrate: 37.3% Let’s analyze these statistics. Firstly, starting off with winrate. Janna has a strong winrate at about 56%. This is at the top of the support category. Janna’s counter picks actually are relatively weak against her, with a 50.84% winrate against counterpicks. This is insane, because it shows that even countering this champion still results in a win for over 50% of the time. The top Janna players have 60% winrates. Her pickrate is a solid 23.1%, which means she will be in a quarter of all games unless banned. Janna is also seen at high elo quite often, with her average being Diamond II. She is the third most picked champion, with only Thresh and Tristana being picked more, with lower winrates. Janna’s ban rate is 37.3%. This means players dislike playing against her, to the point of her being the most banned in high elo. This also means that she is a well-known pick in high elo, and players actively try to prevent others from getting her. But does she fly under the radar? Well, based on changelogs and pick/ban rates, I’d say no. Even though Janna hasn’t really been changed (all changes since 6.6 are bug fixes or visual updates), she still is well known as a solid pick and a very reliable ban. Does she fly under Riot’s radar? Probably. She has really not been changed, so either a) Riot thinks she is balanced in her current spot, or b) Riot doesn’t want to change her, for reasons unknown. Thanks for reading my wall of text! I’ll see you next week, with another champion.
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