I've had it with you mages abusing MY itemization!

It's Rylais all over again! I've seen way too many of you pansies utilizing Gunblade as if you're intended to use it. Bloody Ahri, Leblanc and recently *beeping* {{champion:61}}. Like Rylais these mages have literally NO drawback building Gunblade for a 250 DAMAGE POINT AND CLICK NUKE SPELL! That also slows! It's Deathfire Grasp All over again and I'm sick of having my itemization nerfed because some classes can't be fucked sticking to their own items. First Steraks, then Rylais and now Gunblade? Bloody end me, damnit. ___________________________ But hey, I'm not one to blindly rage and just sling curses like I'm a Kled main. No, I propose some changes to the item that will hit these abuse cases square in the face. REWORK THE BLOODY ACTIVE I thought Riot hated "free" damage and this item just adds a huge chunk on top of an already damage heavy kit. Honestly, in my opinion we might as well remove the damage portion and make it a purely utility based spell that benefits those champions who should be building it. And while we're at it we might just LOWER the AP to 60 and bump up the AD by 10-20 while we're at it. I'm sorry but It flat out SUCKS having your champs' items nerfed because of other classes. When was the last time JUGGERNAUTS abused an item? //rant
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