Who has the endgame?

With about 1-3 years of game development passing on by, we see league alter champions to their respectful time aspects. For example, if everyone had the ability to free farm (missing 0 minions in the process) in a sense, only those who spike at a specific time can start trying to snowball their lead with gold granting kills and make it so that late game can't reach the same status quo. That sounds crazily farfetched, right? Wrong. This is exactly how league has designed the game to function. I'm not being biased, I'm just claiming that league tries to create equal opportunity to those who play riskier champions as time persists. Now as I respect league's decision to space each role with time- it is unrealistic. Especially since league wants to claim it as a mode for competition. Here, to make sure we're on common ground let me make things obvious. How many people want the ideal game time to be 30 minutes or less? Well, 32 minutes is deemed late game by Higher elo and that is when Late game champions start to carry and peak, but higher ranked games don't pick late game carries because the task at hand is to end the game as fast as possible- not wait it out. And since Crit champions are delayed from getting gold for each minion kill at levels 1-3 ( due to not enough damage to get last hit), they're at a much significantly more lower chance of getting that necessary spike or ender's game damage, which is why you barely see them in pro plays. So basically what I'm saying is that, if you are a character (which are mainly crit builders, serious sustain and lots of crowd control/burst damage) who is designed to carry the team late game, then that should mean if your team has lasted for 25 minutes and everyone of them do better late game, then realistically speaking, they should win. All in all, I believe that the game must move faster so that the game ends around 30 minutes. The easiest way to do that is to have the minions leave more XP and gold earlier within the game so people aren't stuck playing for about an hour.

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