Anyone else feel like Botlane is too vulnerable and is basically the lane that loses it all?

Almost every single game I play, a 4 or 5 man gank takes place at botlane (Usually against my team because fuck me) and my ADC and I have almost no chance of retaliation. I don't care if Top doesn't take to opportunity to push or if Mid doesn't follow their lane, but why does it have to be botlane to have the shitty turret? Why can't it be toplane that has the shitty turret? Or midlane? Does Riot notice how detrimental it is for the two people in one lane to fall behind? It's bad enough that they have to share EXP, but to lose EXP? It becomes a 3v5 if botlane is camped hard enough. I believe this is one of the reasons why people don't want to Support. They get fucked over by 4 man ganks every 3 minutes and fall 3 levels behind. They can't ward if the rest of the team doesn't have map presence. It doesn't help that the First Turret bullshit is in place, but botlane just screams "Come here to get a free head start!" It's not much of a problem when teams know how to react to it, but it's frustrating when they don't know how to. Once a team gets the extra 400 gold, it can be used to force advantageous fights that would otherwise be on equal grounds. It doesn't help that dragon is right beside botlane to snag. The entire early game revolves around botlane's demise and that's plain boring. I've gotten use to 5 man ganks down at botlane at 10 minutes. I think the earliest one I've seen was a 8 minute 5 man gank at botlane. It was not fun in the slightest.

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