The Raw Power of ADC's shows Riot should Take what's stated on these Boards and Reddit Lightly

As it stands, ADC's are beyond broken. If you all remember, at the start of this season, the infamous "ADC in 2k17, lul," meme took reddit by storm, and it seemed like every other post was showing some play where this random ADC seemingly got mowed down by some tank with sunfire and iceborn gauntlet (usually poppy). Back then, I remember specifically trying to argue with the circle jerk nature of the meme, and if you check my post history, you'll probably find it, but it didn't seem to help anything. Everyone was convinced that ADC was weak, so people started to take {{champion:115}} bot lane, which started with ImaQtpie, when he was infamous for taking stuff like GP, Mordekaiser and Yasuo bot lane, but to the hive mind, this didn't matter. They saw a mage bot lane and started screaming, "look how weak we are, we can't even have our own lane! REEEEET!" and in came the bombardment of Ziggs bot lane. At the time, I hadn't ranked my main up to Diamond, I was just playing fun stuff on smurfs, so I saw my fair share of low elo players taking Ziggs bot lane and proceeding to feed their ass off. However, the issue at this time never WAS that ADC's were weak, it was that {{champion:78}} and any other tank that built Sunfire and Iceborn were just too strong, and first blood tower was so impactful and gold worthy at the time, Ziggs W helped grab it quickly. Alas, no one looked at it like that though, they saw a full tank poppy run down an adc, one shot hit, and lose a hundred health in the process. During this whole time no one stopped to think, "Maybe Poppy's the problem," It was somehow every ADC being too weak to function. Point is, Riot has infused the ADC class with too many tools to survive, and it started with the new support items({{item:3107}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3301}} ) , which again was the communities outcry to make support more, "rewarding." Somehow riot decided to do this by just throwing items with stats at them, stats that specifically would buff up your ADC with either a: shield, heal, or life steal was the way to go. That was wrong. A new lifesteal mastery was introduced, and eventually, a tank mastery that allowed ADC's to literally sap health from their tanks when they took damage. {{item:3812}} was introduced, giving them even more survivability on top of the newly released {{item:3026}} and {{item:3046}} , turning them into drain tanks with insane late game carry potential that could take too much damage for any assassin to eat through with their newly gimped kits, so they faded into obscurity. Since Lethality was strong, ADC's started to build that, and abuse that, giving them both a strong mid game and late game. Riot saw this as a problem, and instead of changing the items to be more rewarding for assassins, or for gods sake simply making them _melee only_ they decided to nerf said items, then buff Crit items over time, with price decreases and just straight up damage buffs. I don't think anyone here is going to argue with crit being weaker than lethality at the time, but that doesn't mean it needed as much buffs as it was granted, especially considering the raw survivability options the ADC class was given considering they were designed around being squishy and easy to take down when jumped on top of. This is why champions like {{champion:40}} and {{champion:117}} are strong, because the ADC class is simply TOO STRONG. They revolved completely around buffing up their ADC with point and click abilities, and now with other items as well. Their winrate has ALWASY fluctuated around how strong the ADC class is as a whole, and Janna has ALWAYS been a problem because of it. To me, it's ridiculous that she is only getting complaints after reaching an **INSANE 58% WINRATE.** I have ALWASY complained about janna, back when she had a 54% winrate or 53%, and I ALWAYS banned her until Jayce and kennen became meta. Whenever I did, of course I was downvoted, but I also knew I was right. Because of all this, the problem is too deeply rooted to just be solved by nerfing crit, or hell, even nerfing every single ADC one by one. All their tools they have been granted over time, and the continual indirect nerfs to both bruisers and assassins alike has made them too strong. No one can kill them, and no one can pressure them, so everyone's just decided to join them by playing tanks and enchantment supports to buff them up. The games essentially turned into a 1v1 between the ADC's on both teams, mindlessly shredding whoever is in their path and whoever kills who's frontline first wins.
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