Every Hook champion are meta warping this game on bot lane It's frustrating

Here we have {{champion:412}} at a 29.20% pick rate in platinum and higher ... so imagine every elo.. Second we have {{champion:555}} who have a 16% pick rate in Plat and higher, Third we have {{champion:53}} with a 10.62% pick rate , And Lastly we have {{champion:111}} with a 5.40% pick rate... Everytime those Hooks champion are strong, they meta warp the bottom lane champion roster and are sincerely annoying to play against.. Think Thresh Death Sentence spam since he get a fairly low cooldown late game ,or Blitzcrank rocket grab invade at level 1... or the game changing hook of any of them to win the game even if they missed every single of them during the early/mid game.. This kind of champion is toxic for the game balance as they are win or lose design. If you never hit a hook you lose, if you hit 1 lucky hooks late game it change the fight... It's sincerely aggravating. Edit: Naut less than the other 3 since not a lot of player play Naut but you can still get picked and it's lame.
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